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  • Promote new listings, realtor bonus, assignments, price changes & open houses
  • Advertise your real estate brand
  • Showcase updates on new building developments
  • Send VIP promotions & special offers
  • Highest quality and fastest delivery for the best price
  • Build 100% responsive and professionally designed email blasts with our interactive live editor
  • Get a social media optimized microsite for your property
  • Stay updated on the market and competition
  • Receive exclusive VIP listings, bonus offers & sales from builders & developers

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Hannah Math Slan
Customers opinion
Hannah Math Slan Realtor

Within the first hour I emailed my very first campaign, I was contacted by a colleague interested in the listing. Esendz was even easy enough for a non-techy like me to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does work?

It's easy. Create an account, and follow our 3 steps email campaign builder tool. In step 1 you will pick the template that works best for your company and style. Step 2: Upload your photos and import your content into the form editor. Step 3: Pick your target city/county/state etc. & send! It's that simple.

How Much Does EsendZ cost? unlike other email marketing platforms does not charge a monthly fee. Instead we use a credits/token system. You buy as many credits as necessary and based on the targeting you choose for your email, you will pay the associated amount of credits. City level targeting starts at only 100 credits!

What is is the the only real estate email marketing platform designed specifically for real estate professionals. With over 2 Million email addresses in our database is the perfect tool for advertising real estate properties locally and abroad. With targeting and reach as wide as the whole country or as specific as city! You pick your template and your targeting. We take care of the rest

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